KENDRICK JOHNSON: Damnatio Memorae? Football Coach Remembers KJ on Field

Another dispatch from the land of KJ. Solving the mystery one second, Tweet, blog post and text message at a time. #investigativejournalismincyberspace

KENDRICK JOHNSON: The Boy Who Never Came Home

Missing from most of what is available about Kendrick Johnson are the personal details, the characteristics which made him who he was. The anecdotes usually associated with almost any young person’s death are missing. A friend of mine from Texas who has been following the case wrote me one day, “DAMNATIO MEMORAE.”

He was puzzled that none of his classmates were talking about him, why everything and everyone seemed eerily quiet – and they were, are. My friend felt there was a reason, as many do – that something is being hidden, that the mentioning of Kendrick Johnson’s name would bring to light that which is concealed.

The people I was speaking with about the case outside of Georgia were exasperated trying to understand how and why a huge public high school with such a high profile seemed to be almost dismissive about Kendrick Johnson’s body being found on a…

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