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On February 10, 2014, George Boston Rhynes visited my home and we spent the afternoon discussing the heated topics of the day, world events, politics, religion, history, social media/marketing/strategy, racism, rumors, gossip, opinions, books, journalism, cameras, downloading, piracy, software, video editing, documentaries, strategies…

For hours, we were neck-and-neck catching up, and gearing up. Brainstorming with Rhynes is becoming one of my most looked-forward-to pastimes.

Stay tuned for the interview with Rhynes I’ve been preparing for now for so long that he’s questioned whether I was just pulling his chain.

Fortunately I corralled him into my home studio for a very brief but successful photo shoot.

To George, whose voice keeps changing even when history just repeats itself.


  1. Reblogged this on KENDRICK JOHNSON: The Boy Who Never Came Home and commented:

    George Boston Rhynes has been at the forefront of the Kendrick Johnson story and case since Friday January 11, 2013, the night after the Lowndes High School sophomore’s body was found in the gym earlier that morning.

    Kenneth, Kendrick’s father, who had returned that day from a long-distance haul to retrieve a truck he’d been telling his son about, called Rhynes near midnight and they spoke until the early morning hours of Saturday.

    Rhynes has posted over 3,000 YouTube videos – Getto Free Press – some of which are over an hour long; his coverage of what he says local media refuses to acknowledge – referring to this as “white outs” – has reached half a million viewers all over the world.

    Retired from the Air Force, Rhynes felt compelled to fill this void in the African American community, informing the uninformed, and educating the uneducated. His voice evolves with the changing times, becoming increasingly perceptive, purposeful, and convicted.

    Rhynes will be considered one of the most important historians/documentary filmmakers of his generation. His prolific collection of intensively researched material is from past, present, and future.

    Rhynes, and others like him, are shaping the future.

    The paradigm is shifting, and Rhynes is one of my canaries in the coal mine.

    More to come,



  2. wrong, your an idiot. your boy bo has played your dumbass. his history is fake, you were warned. he was breaking the even attempting to investigate anything that didn’t originate in his own state. also he spoke of the case without written permission to do so, also against the law, but a real journalist would know that….or that his last court presentation resulted with him being expelled and found to have misrepresented his experience. ur a wanna be and a noob. you be known as a joke, if known at all


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