MARATHON DES SADE: 150-Mile 6-stage, 7-day footrace through the Sahara

Razor Contributor RP MDSRazor Contents MDSCopy of MDS Lahsen Ahansal smiling - CopyCopy of MDS dunes 5 - CopyCopy of MDS color on camel - CopyMDS me with Ahansal brosMDS from behind on camel in dunesMDS Mauro ProsperiMDS Ahansal running into finishCopy of MDS Lahsen Ahansal stretched out in tentCopy of MDS Lahsens feetCopy of MDS color competitor at tent - CopyRazor Magazine CoverRAZOR MDS page 2 RPRAZOR Marathon de Sade text photos Robin Postell page 1RAZOR MDS page 4 RPCovering the Eco-Challenge in British Columbia, Australia and Argentina allowed me to build a network of contacts which would benefit my career as a freelancer.

IMGJULY 13 PENTHOUSE invoice bitcoin signed may 24 2013_0009pent.dc2Marathon des Sables in Morocco every Spring allowed me to build a body of work around the event, and ties to other adventure races all over the world.


Marathon Des Sables 001


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