Kendrick Johnson’s Death and Conflicting Stories: Paramedic Report, Missing Clothing – Extra Clothing, 2 Conflicting Coroner Reports

KENDRICK JOHNSON: The Boy Who Never Came Home

NOTE TO READERS: Following the case since almost the beginning, it becomes increasingly confusing instead of less, therefore it is necessary to put together a comprehensive “big picture” in order to fully grasp the totality. When there is so much information to wade through, including literally thousands of individuals who were impacted by this event from a large public high school, it becomes more than a shallow wade. It becomes a deepening bog from which pulling yourself is difficult if you are committed to understanding and providing yourself and others some level of explanation.

An entire year has passed since Kendrick Johnson’s body was discovered Friday January 11, 2013, in the Lowndes High School “Old Gym,” appearing badly beaten, head-first in a vertically-stacked gym mat. Johnson was allegedly found by two daughters of the school’s former principal-turned-superintendent, Wes Taylor, and another student, Bryant Thagard – who gave one of the…

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