Bart Adam Young, 28 DAYS, a song with a story

This song was written on little pieces of paper while Bart Adam Young was detoxing. He was in a bathroom holed up and I remember him writing the lyrics on whatever scraps he could find.

The stories, the stories.

The greatest story about this song is when he flew in to open up for one of Kid Rock’s shows. He was supposed to play a certain set of songs because they had discussed it, and since Bart was unknown and outlaw country, opening up for 30K Kid Rock fans, Rock wasn’t wanting any last minute additions. But Bart, who got there in the nick of time to go onstage, of course (another story altogether), insisted he had to play this new song he wrote. Finally Rock just said okay, and went out in the audience, kicked over a crate so he could stand up on it and see over the crowd.

After he finished playing 28 DAYS, the audience was on their feet. Kid Rock was happy.

Every Kid Rock show he opened he got a standing ovation, just him and his guitar on a stool.

I want to tell my stories, Bart!


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