John H. Robinson, filmed by George Boston Rhynes, giving me a shot-out, and speaking the truth about what’s really going on

This is a very big deal for me! Thank you Doc Robinson! You made me year.

KENDRICK JOHNSON: The Boy Who Never Came Home

STRAIGHT TRUTH About George Boston Rhynes: 185th Day of Bogus Criminal Trespass

When I first heard that George Boston Rhynes had been yolked with a criminal trespassing violation in Lowndes County I was baffled. Watching one of his videos while outside of Lowndes High School for the 2013 graduation ceremonies he was told he had to leave and overheard on a deputy’s radio reference to his being unwelcome on the public property.

His friend, John “Doc” Robinson, had asked him to attend the matriculation ceremony at Lowndes High School of his granddaughter. It didn’t turn out as planned. Until I get a detailed interview, this video will suffice.

This is a story that has not been told and is about to be. In the interim, I’m posting this because Rhynes shared it with me today and frankly, I’m honored. His long-time friend and lauded member of his community, John H…

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