LETTER TO EDITOR: Investigate Law Officer

This speaks for itself. Written in 1977, and found by “accident” floating around in my office the other morning, I cannot overlook it as anything but a sign.

KENDRICK JOHNSON: The Boy Who Never Came Home

LETTER TO EDITOR: Investigate Law Officer

As I’ve been going through each piece of my father’s work archive from his years as an investigative journalist/state editor for The Albany Herald, The Miami Herald, and board member of the Investigative Reporters & Editors, I have found bits here and there which have fallen out as I move them to and fro.

This one had been floating around in my office here for at least two weeks and I assumed it was just an insignificant relic which I would eventually get around to picking up and filing back wherever it belonged.

Then, I read it. It is from a man by the name of Guy Craft, Ph.D, writing to the editor of the paper about the corrupt sheriff in Camilla, Georgia.

I was – as always – taken aback due to the similarities.

I urge you to read and judge for yourself.

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