LORDE, ROYALS, with lyrics

Important to note that my posting of this popular video is the lyrics-enabled version, meaning that if you don’t know what Lorde is saying, you’re missing something integral to what is happening in the world. That a generation is emerging capable and willing to espouse this simple, resoundingly perfect philosophy about what it means and can feel like to be alive is a harbinger of monumental proportions. Decay has created such a stench of rot I feared the incoming gens would be doubly or ten-fold rotten…Divine interlopers are in the midst of this moribund and fey order of the day. All is not lost along with our millions of houses and trillions of dollars and national morale, our luster as a collective creation – our humanity. Our core protocol is not too deeply flawed to rebound, resurrect. Fuck the royals, we’ve got a different kind of buzz. Lorde also gets mad creds for loving Raymond Carver. Who the hell knows who Carver is unless you’re a crazy drunk writer? Which, alas and dah and oui, she probably goddam is. Can never have enough crazy drunk writers, I say (so why didn’t I think to get some booze before the stills ran dry tonight?)…


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