There are things bothering us, Babydoll and me. We are bringing in Christmas morning the way the wise men and Mary and Joseph did, staying up all night long, lil baby Jesus the star of the show, although he’s more or less just the figure head tonight, frankly – no offense to the lil bastard, since we do regard him with the kind of esteem few ever earn from us since we’re fully aware of the grotesqueries of human kind, even understand why God sent lil baby J down here to save us all, realizing he’d created a bunch of morons, slobbering and posturing and assholing around His Big Blue Marble aimlessly…..the few He managed to discern out of the increasing populace were placed under vicious conditions, His contention having reached hysterical frustration, fuck the Terrible Twos, fuck em all, just flood the whole goddam thing and start over from scratch, save this one and his brood and pairs of all the animals (poor things, wasn’t their fault, he’d at least let them carry on once the waters receded and Noah had ladeled buckets of their piss and shit overboard waiting on the dove)….



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