FARMER’S STRIKE, Mall, Washington, DC

FARMER'S STRIKE, Mall, Washington, DC

In 6th grade my parent’s got special permission to keep me out of school for several weeks so I could accompany them on an assignment of my father’s to follow the tractor cade all the way to D.C. The farmer’s were striking and going to the nation’s capitol, riding their tractors going no faster sometimes than 10 mph or less. I rode in the overhead of a rented RV and looked out at the miles and miles of farmers – some joining from states as we passed from Georgia, up through S.C., all the way up to D.C., the snow heavy and wind icy-teeth biting, and I took photos of the farmers, burning their tractors in front of the White House, demanding their rights, demanding to be heard. This farmer clearly saw the child behind the Nikon, and waved.


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