With the corrections…if you don’t know what they were, all the better.



“Ignore the facade, see the turmoil, and capture
what most don’t want to be seen.” Jon Matonis

The Department of Homeland Security has disappointed me. Now a sheriff deputy’s blue lights are flickering in my rearview. Summer sits down on Southwest Georgia this time of year and doesn’t get back up till mid-September. I’m hot, bothered, and Scouthowls from the pet carrier riding shotgun in myCadillac. Windows down, music blaring, I pull over on the shoulder of Highway 37 – a mere mile from my destination to deliver Scout to my friend, BD; I don’t even bother putting on my seatbelt to pretend I’m law-abiding. My sobbing has been steady since I woke up and discovered Mt. Gox, the Japan-based international exchange for bitcoins, was seized by DHS, meaning I have to modify the article gestating in me for weeks. I also avoid thinking about the fact I still haven’t…

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