New Developments in Kendrick Johnson Case? Naming Names? Releasing Video? US Atty Moore Welcoming Fed Investigation?

Though I was late to the scene, I’m quick to make up for lost time – and all I can say at this point is that it is good news even when it is bad regarding the national coverage of Kendrick Johnson. Awful to discover his organs were missing, replaced with newspaper – which the Florida pathologist discovered when he performed the second independent autopsy after the Johnson family’s attorney, Albany, Georgia-native Chevene “C.B.” King, obtained from a superior court judge permission to exhume the body on June 14, 2013.

Beau Webster, the former police officer and private investigator hired by the Johnsons and Mr. King months ago, has been interviewed exclusively by EBONY, which has also been featuring true-crime writer Fred Rosen’s multi-part breakdown of the KJ case most recently. The information coming from Rosen is voluminous, names names – including the kid KJ fought on the school bus with who was suspended from football, along with another student whose girlfriend allegedly had feelings for Kendrick.

Webster, who asked to meet with me over the summer for reasons I’m still unclear on, admits now that he has been focusing on five suspects since early June, prior to the body’s exhuming and second autopsy – a fact he denied so vigorously to me, I still have to scratch my head and wonder.

Webster sincerely seemed to be emotionally invested in the investigation, due to his growing closeness to the Johnson family – and unless that, too, was a charade, I’m pleased he’s on the case and willing to “name names” as the Ebony interview espoused.

He did not, however, “name names” in the Ebony interview dated October 14, 2013, but Ebony says he is ready to – and even visited Macon, Georgia-based US Attorney Michael Moore. Moore said he’d not received his files, Ebony reported – which I don’t quite understand. Did Moore receive the request from Johnsons/King to open a federal investigation months ago? Did Webster send his information from personal investigation along with that request months ago? Does that mean Moore is just now getting the request to level federal scrutiny on Kendrick Johnson’s suspected murder?

If Webster met with Moore recently and Moore has not previously heard of the requests for a federal investigation – what does that mean? This needs to be clarified.

Jordan Conn, who wrote a follow-up piece for Grantland/ESPN, suggests naming names is about to be all the rage in this case. I’m ready, and I think everyone else is.

My question for those out there looking in – if this happened to someone you knew in your town/city/school, and you knew who did it, would you be out with it or keep your mouth shut? And if so, why/why not?

The hush-hush approach to naming names in this small town is maddening. Someone knows whose Facebook pages were deleted after posting off-color “goon” comments regarding “bodies showing up” following Kendrick’s death. Someone also knows which students were transferred out of Lowndes High after January 11.

What onlookers don’t truly “get” about this case is the close associations of the entities which would have to be in collusion to pull off this level of cover-up of “5 suspects” (according to Webster’s count in the 10-14 Ebony interview). First, you have the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, with Sheriff Prine on the serious hot-seat and seemingly not-giving-a-damn all the live-long day if you take into account his disposition in the CNN on-cam interview which he oddly-enough allowed to even happen (just to rudely dismiss CNN’s Victor Blackwell and his attending crew like they were street rabble as soon as they asked him a topical question).

Second, the Valdosta Lowndes Regional Crime Lab, which boasted of its “state-of-the-art” features at the time of its opening, is comprised of both LCSO personnel and Valdosta Police Department members. The lab is located on Ashley Street, Valdosta’s main drag, in a red-brick building with a huge thumbprint affixed on the front.

Third, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), is in as deep as they can possibly get, no matter how much they try denying what our eyes plainly see. According to James Thornton’s criminalist report of the Lowndes High School gym/death scene, when he arrived there were a dozen or so members of the sheriff’s office, crime lab and GBI (from the Thomasville Region 9 office about 45 minutes from Valdosta). This alone tells anyone paying attention plenty if they do the proper math.

I’ve been lathered up about this ever since I got wind of it – and how could I not be if I’m any kind of halfway humane individual. Who can sit back and say this kind of behavior is okay in a community this small and by it’s own estimation a good Christian stronghold of the holy Biblebelt (amen, thank you, Jesus). Something is so very rotten in this un-Denmark rotgut underbelly of the Deep South – but that is not anything new, if you know anything about this area.

And I love the South, love Georgia, even love the awful bastards who scream “crooked” carrying badges and campaigning for any  number of positions. God knows my little hometown has loved our good-ole-boy sheriffs through the generations who have “fixed” a ticket or two here or there, or let us out of jury duty, or let us go when we drank too many teaglasses full of Jim Beam and hunch punch and drove into the fire department roll doors….

I could go on, and on, and on, and on and on…I do not recall anyone asking to look the other way when they beat the life out of a high school student so they could roll him up in a gym mat and then brag about it on Facebook and expect everybody to cover for them, though, among other things. But that’s just me. There are lots of things I won’t do, therefore won’t have to ask such questions.

Fathers and mothers will do anything to protect their children, everybody knows that. And that clearly figures in to this alleged cover-up, if we are to reasonably deduce that fellow students had something to do with a death which occured on school grounds in the middle of the day, broad daylight, etc.

After the GBI – the Lowndes County School District.

Then South Georgia Medical Center for firing the paramedics who came out with what they’d written on the report – calling it a crime scene. Nick Tomlinson’s dismissal from SGMC after years of apparently upstanding employment as an EMT is suspicious, indeed.

And now we’ve got to point a finger at Harrington Funeral Home, even though they’re denying having anything to do with the missing organs or the newspaper used to replace them…

Off the cuff I’m firing this one off. Have my hide or not, this hush-fest is tedious. People can read, they can connect the dots, and it’s getting such national attention now I think it’s safe to be frank and direct for a change.

I would usually never put anything like this up unless I’d also adhered all the back-up links to back up everything I’ve written but it is nearly 3 a.m. and I’m exhausted enough to trust people to think for themselves.

That’s all.



4 thoughts on “New Developments in Kendrick Johnson Case? Naming Names? Releasing Video? US Atty Moore Welcoming Fed Investigation?

  1. It has been suggested that Webster is not the Family’s hired PI, and the Ebony articles were not approved by the family.
    Both Webster and Rosen have recently given more interviews.
    The latest Webster interview, Nov. 1, he claims to give information that has only been heard by the family.


    • This is very interesting information, to put it mildly.

      Webster and I met, only briefly, the morning of the exhuming. I called him later that week, as I recall, and we played phone tag until finally speaking. He seemed genuinely at odds with the way things were going, regarding the investigation and requested a personal meeting with me. Though I found this somewhat odd, since he wanted to meet in Cairo, Georgia, his reasoning roundabout but enough for me to agree. I had sensed he was reaching out sincerely and I expressed a desire to help, in whatever way, big or small. When we met, however, I felt instinctively that I was either being set up, or he simply found me an oddity; perhaps as an investigator wanted to know who I was, since I’d sort of hurtled into the fray out of nowhere, saying I was a writer – but not offering any “banner” assignor to say I was writing for. As a freelancer, this has never been an issue since I pitch my ideas to editors before ever approaching principles of my subject matter. This of course was different, and I was a fish out of water, even though my personal experience with similar events related to my father’s career as an investigative journalist made me an earnest “expert” of a different ilk (which had absolutely no merit or credibility whatsoever, and I knew it; what was I supposed to do, other than humbly hope they could detect my true intentions were without guile or fraught with ulterior self-serving motives?).

      Since our conversation was not “off the record,” divulging the contents of that private meeting is not a conflict or betrayal. Nothing happened, anyway. He told me he had become very close to the Johnsons and had heard King might fire him – for reasons which were vague at best. For that reason, Webster told me he had halted his investigation pending King’s further instructions. We did ponder what King’s motives might be. Later I felt he had deliberately misled me and feigned his obliviousness to see what I was up to, if anything – or to throw me off the investigation which I could decide on my own to pursue, not requiring anyone’s permission (although of course, to carry out a full-fledged investigation one would hope to have the consent of the principles, particularly the Johnson family and supporters, not to mention the various law enforcement agencies/agents involved).

      The night before the body was exhumed I had listened to a podcast with Beau Webster and Fred Rosen, which I thought was the best that had yet been made public. I had no reason to think Webster was working against the Johnson’s in any way. I have had my questions, however; and he was the first to raise them by saying King had not given him anymore investigatory directives and might even dismiss him entirely. I will not divulge the particulars of our meeting, although in time they might play a larger role in whatever, if anything, I choose to write formally. If what you are suggesting is in fact true, then what he told me during that very odd meeting will no doubt be significant and even disturbing.

      Thank you for your input/feedback – without voices like yours I would have little to sift and distill in order to deduct what little I have. The lack of transparency since the moment Kendrick Johnson’s body was found – maybe before – has made this one of the most strikingly strange cases to emerge…maybe ever. This will be an historical milestone for generations to come, that much I knew from the start.

      If you have anything more to add, please don’t hesitate. If you prefer to keep your communications more private you may email me at, or DM me @Postell2010 on Twitter.

      Thank you again.


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