Silk Road Closed. Please Use Darknet Detour Until Silk Road v.2.0

Silk Road’s demise, much like some think bitcoin will ultimately be, paves the way for better and more streamlined versions for the future.

Don`t Mention The King


Wrong way, go back.

The Silk Road has come to a dead end. The site’s kingpin – the Captain Black Beard of the deepnet, Ross Ulbricht – is in custody along with four other conspirators of the world’s largest online black market. The group will face charges of drug trafficking conspiracy, computer-related fraud, and conspiracy to launder money, with the possibility of life in prison. Be sure, more will go down.

There’s some nervous internet mavericks out there right now.

It’s now a race to replace. Leading the way are the creators of Atlantis, a website similar to Silk Road. The game hasn’t changed, aside from a FBI scare campaign.

One version of Silk Road v.2.0 is currently in its testing phase, proving that you might be able to stop people, but you can’t stop ideas. Essentially, the reason the site failed this time around was one man controlled…

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