The Gypsy and The Cowboy

Abigail Adams first blog, welcome to her world.


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vintage gypsy rings

The Gypsy and The Cowboy

By: Abby Adams

Time tells many tales of many different lives, of many different souls that travel this vast Earth in search of the one thing the heart yearns for day in and day out. The world filled with dreamers and heartbreakers living life after life breathing the breath of a heart ache in search of one thing to make them whole.

True Love…..



The cowboy had ridden his horse from one end of the countryside to the other without meeting a single soul he felt the need to stay with. He travelled with a buck colored horse with white socks and grey streaked strands of hair flowing from her head and tail. She was a steady horse. A loving horse that stuck close to her master even when he ventured to places a horse would rather not…

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